NDC Oslo talk on duplicating vs replicating data in microservices

Just my luck, my session at NDC Oslo 2015 wasn’t recorded properly. During the session the microphone went dead and the replacement was apparently never recorded.

The idea of my session was to get the point across that microservices can be small, but should not by default communicate via REST, nor should they by default┬ábe a single deployable unit. For some reason these are mandatory to a lot of folks I talk to, as well as what I heard at NDC Oslo a lot. What I do feel is important is that you don’t duplicate data, but can however replicate data. I am preparing blogposts for this and try to get my points across. Especially since the session isn’t online. You can however watch two presentations by Udi Dahan about “CQRS but different” and “Business logic, a different perspective” where I feel he also mentions a few of the points I tried to come across.

Besides this, the conference was awesome. I loved the venue and the people, can’t remember to have laughed this hard until I saw James Mickens his presentation. And I’ve also never seen developers party this hard, as they did at NDC Oslo 2015.

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