Upcoming sessions end 2015

Upcoming sessions end 2015

Software Development Network – September 11th, 2015

The first two sessions I’ll be presenting are at Software Development Network (SDN) at the Achmea Conference Center in Zeist. More information can be found here at SDN.

In this talk we’ll take a different perspective on microservices as a lot of other folks do in our industry. Not because it’s the best way or even the silver bullet, but just because the other way isn’t the right way. Should be interesting.

In this talk we’ll be looking at some principles that are very common in distributed systems, but most overlooked by many. Of course not you, but it’s still a good reminder to see the complexity of which we get our kicks from, solving them all. 😉 Blaak Selectie – October 15th, 2015

After a session with great audience at Blaak Selectie last time in Rotterdam, I will present another session with them on reliable messaging. I’ll start by explaining the basics and dive a little deeper into the subject, showing a fair amount of demos and talk about some best practices and difficult subjects. Hopefully you’ll go home with loads of great ideas of which you’re dire to implement into your own systems. As an extra, Particular Software, creators of the NServiceBus platform, provided me with a few books to give away. Be sure to ask a good question to have a change to receive one of David Boike‘s Learning NServiceBus. I’ve also got codes for everyone at the meeting worth viewing two days of Udi Dahan his Advanced Distributed Systems Design training online.

The venue is at Betabit headquarter in Rotterdam, right under the famous Van Brienenoord bridge. The event is free, but if you’d like to join, signing up is mandatory, due to a hard limit in seating. More info here at Blaak Selectie or here at Betabit.