Podcasts & online usergroup

Podcasts & online usergroup

I’ve been invited to discuss how to architect systems and NServiceBus at two podcasts this year, and also speak at a user group, that I did not have the ability to blog about.

Dev Talks by Cloud Republic

The first podcast was completely in Dutch, so not for my English readers. But it was a nice chat with Florian and Dibran about NServiceBus and Particular Software. Both hosts are making use of NServiceBus so it was a nice chat about some best practices on messaging and NServiceBus and how Particular Software works.

Listen to it here or download it immediately here.

Azure DevOps Podcast

Azure Devops header

This podcast is hosted by Jeffrey Palermo, a well known international speaker, writer of numerous books and founder of ClearMeasure. He interviewed me on how I got into distributed systems, what the essence of distributed systems are, how messaging saved my life (well, at least my career) and how asynchronous messaging is different from synchronous processing. And finally we chat about the domain model in vertical slices.

Listen to the episode here or download it immediately here.


A user group in Sheffield, England invited me to talk at their user group. Instead of on location it happened online, which is a benefit to you who’s reading this, because this means it was recorded. Something that doesn’t happen often with user groups. It’s a presentation I’ve only done once and at the time of writing, haven’t done anywhere else.

I asked how much time I could use and the hosts of the user group didn’t know me well enough yet, so they said I was the only presenter that evening and I could use as much time as I wanted. So I did. Which reflects in the recording.