NDC Porto and Øredev

NDC Porto and Øredev

Some sessions came online that I wanted to share with you.

NDC Porto 2023

NDC events are some of the best organized and well attended that you can be at. I was hoping for some good sun in Porto, Portugal as well. The week before NDC it was more than 30 degrees Celcius. The first day that I arrived, I went out for lunch and after some time, I was planning to purchase new shoes. They were soaked.

NDC itself was great though. Lots of great speakers and sessions which you can all find here.

Here’s my session on autonomous microservices that shouldn’t share data. It’s a 400+ slidedeck using the Lessig presentation style. I first saw Dick Hardt do it with his Identity 2.0 presentation. I just had to create one presentation that used this as well. After 200 slides I regretted it more than anything, but I finished it nonetheless. It’s now over 400 slides and you can see it here:

Øredev 2023

I had planned a single presentation at Øredev, but someone else got sick and a slot opened up, which I also filled.

The originally planned presentation was about how you can change your architecture during deployment. It’s mostly about how I see the logical and physical architecture conflated, so in this presentation I show people what is possible if you accept their differences.

The other one was also the autonomous microservices don’t share data presentation. But although Øredev says they released all presentations, that one isn’t available. Yet. And the other presentation wasn’t synced up with the slides. Hopefully they’ll still be able to work that out, but if the 400+ slidedeck isn’t recorded properly, I don’t think they’ll sync it up ;-)


The original Øredev video about changing your architecture during deployment was without slides. The organizers fixed this by syncing the video manually. I updated the link to that presentation in this post.
The more impressive one however is my autonomous microservices don’t share data because that deck consists of over 400 slides! They also synced it manually! It’s the same as the presentation at NDC Porto, although minor adjustments might’ve been made.