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Roses are #FF0000

Wouldn’t you be the coolest geek with this t-shirt on?Maybe I have to wear this at the DevDays 2005!Go get it here!


CS again, Rob Howard responds

With so many people in the blogging community talking about .Text and wether it’s dead or not, all we can say is that Community Server is getting a good amount of attention, no matter...


Dutch Developer Days 2005

So it’s official, I’m going to the Dutch Developer Days 2005. Seems I had the schedule interpreted wrong, but here’s my current schedule for the event: Pre conference day : PCT1 – Visual Studio...


Community Server Beta 3

So I just installed Community Server, Beta 3. I already have some minor problems, along with some comments, like links in de admin section not being consistent. Perhaps they need to have a graphical...


.Text 0.96 and bringing it further

Currently we’re using .Text 0.95 at BloggingAbout.NET. On some sites however, like, they’re using a newer version, which has some added features, like the comment moderation feature. Comments must first be approved before...


ReSharper, worth the try!

A while ago, Patrick Bes blogged about ReSharper, and that it’s such a wonderful tool. I had already tried it a few months before, while it was still in beta. For some reason I still...


Enterprise Library release

”Barring any major catastrophes, it is official.  On January 28th Enterprise Library will be up and available on MSDN.  Spread the word… download the code, give us feedback, join the GotDotNet workspace.  Tell your...


Test Driven Development

I’m becoming pretty interested in DDD (Domain Driven Design) and TDD (Test Driven Development). Via Steve Eichert I found a link to a post on Keith Ray’s blog, with a short explanation about TDD,...