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Wow, a new host… And what a host! 6GB space, 150GB bandwith per month, unlimited pop3 accounts, etc, etc. And ofcourse the new domain name! We thought about the url for weeks, but everything...



Steve Eichert is mad about TDD and I just got the link to the tool for TDD from him. It’s the new name for the tool known as NUnitAddIn. Go get it here.


Language Oriented Programming

I’ve been reading this article on Language Oriented Programming: the next programming paradigm. Current problemsThe article first describes current problems. One of the biggest problems I think is, as said in the article, that...


FeedReader proxy password change

Some keywords in the topic for everyone searching through Google! 😉 There’s a bug in FeedReader which results in not being able to change your proxy password. When you’re on a domain which makes...


Chatty lines

Lately I’ve read some comments from people all over the internet, on chatty lines. You should try to avoid chatting a lot with your services. Ofcourse you should probably avoid the same with components,...



I have been working on my own website for years! As a true developer, I have never been satified, nor have I ever finished a website. And I don’t believe I ever publically announced...


IIS vs. Apache Security Defects

This post is especially for Izendooren! 😉 Michael Howard was curious about how many defects turned up in IIS6 and Apache2. So he made up this post in which he shows the following graphs:...